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Children’s vs. Adult Dental Care—How Is It Different?

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Many dental practices advertise “general dentistry” or that they are a “family dentist.” But what exactly is a family dentist? While most dentists can treat children, younger patients may not be their specialty or an age group with which they have much experience. Here are a few key ways that children’s dental care differs from adults’.

Why Choose a Children’s Dentist Over a General Dentist for Your Kids?

Kids as young as 12 months old can visit the dentist. Just like you take your child to a different doctor than a general practitioner for adults, it’s important to bring your kid to a dentist who has received special training to treat kids and knows the challenges of children’s vs. adult dental care needs.

Sedation requires different dosages and techniques for children, kids express anxiety differently than adults, and special needs children may present unique challenges during a visit that an adults-only dentist is simply inexperienced in handling.

While a general family dentist may know what to do if a child is nervous, fussy, or uncooperative, a children’s dentist spends all day working with kids to make a dental visit a safe, calming, positive experience.

The Office Environment

The office itself is another area where adult dental care differs from children’s. Regular dental clinics seem bland or intimidating to children, but kids’ dentists understand their world and recreate it in a fun office environment. Their clinics are filled with distractions such as toys and games that help make their little patients less anxious and more comfortable.

The equipment itself is also different. Children’s dentists need to use smaller tools with fun, bright colors to perform the procedures successfully without making the kids uncomfortable. The seats are also the perfect size for children, the toothpaste and fluoride flavors are kid-friendly, and the dentists are properly equipped for common children’s dental surgeries.

A children’s dentistry office will also be familiar with common family insurance plans and alternatives like Medicaid. They will make sure children’s procedures are billed correctly.

A Dedicated Dentist for Your Children in Montana

It’s one thing to talk about it but another to see it for yourself. You will notice the true difference between children’s and adult dental care when you bring your kids in for an examination at Children’s Dentistry in Lolo. Call us now to schedule an appointment and give your kids the proper care they deserve. We can’t wait to meet you!

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