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Children’s Dental Health Resources

Good dental health in children can set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and bright smiles. At Children’s Dentistry in Lolo, we give your children these smiles by providing top-notch dentistry. We treat kids of all ages, including children with special needs and kids under 3.

Kids With Special Needs

Young girl with Down syndrome posing with a stethoscope

Parents of kids with special needs know how challenging it can be to balance the different aspects of their health. Sometimes, children’s dental health takes a backseat, and parents forget about it until their kids start to have toothaches. Dental issues occur more often in children with chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional disabilities. You must know when to take your special needs children to the dentist to avoid dental problems and keep their teeth healthy.

Our caring team of dental professionals at Lolo Children’s Dentistry offers services for kids with special needs. Our head dentist, Dr. Delisle, has treated thousands of young patients, including those with special needs. Our team knows how to take care of your children’s dental health to give them a healthy, beautiful smile while making them feel relaxed and safe.

Kids Under 3


 Some parents think baby teeth are not important because they eventually fall out, but caring for these teeth is critical. Baby teeth help maintain the space in the jaw for permanent teeth. Within six months of the first tooth erupting is when you need to take your children to the dentist. In most children, the initial teeth appear when they are 6 to 12 months old.

If you are having difficulty finding experienced dentists for your children’s dental health, Children’s Dentistry in Lolo is for you. Our attentive dentists are experts at treating kids under three while keeping them comfortable and feeling safe. You can sit in on their initial examinations to reassure them and learn about the best oral hygiene practices. Early visits to the dentist can prevent future dental caries. Plus, our services for kids under 3 are free!

Protect Your Children’s Dental Health

The path to better dental health for your kids starts at Lolo Children’s Dentistry. Our easily accessible location allows us to tend to kids from all over Western Montana, including Missoula and Lolo. We will take care of all your children’s dental needs in a colorful office equipped with toys and games to help make them feel calm and welcomed. Plus, we accept payments from most insurance plans, including Montana Medicaid. So call us today to make an appointment and give your kids a healthy smile!

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